Hi! I am Sajjan Nehal

I am a Freelance Web Designer & Developer as well as Security Researcher from Sangrur, India.
I have been working in IT field since 2013. I am working in house alongside. I am helping our clients in making their website pages look beautiful and attractive. I can always provide you with a perfect solution regardless of the issue you are encountering with your graphic design. My strong analytical skills are regularly put into practice by testing, observing user interfaces and user experience. I also provide security to Websites, Servers, Networks and etc.

Why I am

By understanding the website security terminology, we keep your website safe and protect you against Software vulnerabilities and access control as these are two of the main causes of website infections. Our aim is to calibrate digital risk to implant a knowledge-based experience of safe and secure use of technology, making risk an informed business decision leading to minimal disruption to both you and your business. I understand how hard it become to accomplish many tasks when computers/network runs into issues due to computer virus, spyware, hardware & network problems. My goal is having your computers repaired or network issues resolved fast through on-site visit or remote support.

Who I am

Fast Creatorz (ISO 9001-2015) is an IT Risk Assessment and Digital Security Service provider. It is a trusted standard for companies that need to protect their brands, businesses and dignity from debilitating cyber-attacks.